There are some little things couples need to add to their marriage to spice it up. For example when you spice up your food, it will give it a good taste that anybody that eats the food will like to come back again.

That is how it is in marriage. If you spice up your marriage with love ingredients, your spouse will like to be with you all the time.

But most times couples complain to each other by saying I am tired, work in my office, I am not happy, the day was tedious for me in the shop or office, please leave me alone I want to rest, I don’t have time for all those things etc.

By so doing, you are killing your marriage gradually but I don’t pray for that.

Please apply this love ingredients in your marriage and enjoy a blissful marriage.

1: Kiss, hug and say I love you. Don’t leave your affection to speculation

2: Say I am sorry. Admitting a wrong and apologizing for it is the quickest way to cool a hot situation.

3: Pause before responding to an angry or critical remark. Instead of sharpening your claws, give yourself a chance to pause.

4: Love extravagantly. Don’t just lend a hand, give your heart.

5: Hold out your hand. Reach out and touch the one you love.

6: Treasure your time together. Investing time in your marriage yields priceless results.

7: Forgive. Forgiving others is a gift you give yourself and your marriage.

8: Lighten your load and drop your emotional baggage.

9: Pay your spouse a tremendous compliment and attention.

10: Go on walk together. Spend at least a few minutes of each day walking outside together.

11: Agree to disagree. Don’t make mountains out of molehills.

12: Pray with your spouse. Cement your marriage with the bond of prayer.

13: Refuse to speak negatively about your spouse to others. Disagreement should be discussed behind closed doors.

14: Never go to bed angry. Put anger to rest before you retire for the night.

15: Continue the dating. Continuing to date after marriage helps keep the romance alive.

16: Own your home but don’t let your home own you, for where is room in the heart there is always room in the house.

17: Eat dinner together at the table, don’t be too busy to sit and eat.

19: Compliment your spouse often. Declare yourself as your spouse’s number one fan.

20: Take care of your appearance. Honour your mate by looking your best.

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