Emmanuel Ejay Salifu wrote:

The problem is not cattle colonies or ranching, or whether the government should subsidize or facilitate ranches. let us call a spade a spade. We have been arguing too much.

The problem is the people involved. The Fulani are known to always want to conquer where they settle. In Nigeria, they conquered the Hausa’s already. The Hausas have been so conquered that they have no choice but to accept them as brothers. They have forgotten that their forefathers actually died trying to resist this people.

History has shown that the fulanis conquer through war, share brutality and force. And there is a popular saying; If you don’t learn from history it is bound to repeat itself.

The perception or fear as the case may be is that once you accommodate them they might just wake up someday and claim ownership of land and if you try to resist, it might lead to war.

A war like the Jihad war where customs and religion will be forced down the throat of people should the Jihadist win.

Hence nobody wants a “murderer” for a neighbor.

This is not to say there are no peace loving Fulani’s, this is just to address why People are resisting the cattle colony idea.

People mostly from the south and middle belt perceive it to be a ploy facilitated by the government to take over their land by a group of people who have no value for human lives.

Unfortunately their fears are being confirmed by the frequent brutal killings of children, and pregnant women by herdsmen who are mostly Fulanis.