We Will Arrest Any Man Found With A Sex Doll, Says Botswana Law

Minister of Labour and Home affairs has warned that any Motswana man who will be tempted to found with a sex doll will be arrested.

Speaking to Botswana Latest News yesterday in Gaborone, in an exclusive interview, the Minister says her Ministry is well informed that Botswana men are purchasing sex Doll’s.

Mr. Batshu says it is very unfortunate that Botswana men and the entire Africa are being deceived by western culture that sex dolls are better than human beings.

She says her ministry together working with the police will not hesitate to arrest such men for they will be turning against nature.

“My ministry has so far received about 12 cases of men who are trying to leave their women for sex dolls. I must state that this issue is serious. We treated social media reporting as comedy but we have been faced with reality now. Botswana men are purchasing these sex dolls” she said.

“As a ministry, we will not allow a sex doll break a marriage that is blessed by God. We have informed the police and we will work together. Any woman who has any complaints regarding these famous sex dolls must inform our officers at the ministry, we will arrest them for going against our nature” she said.

African countries have moved in rampant buying sex dolls charging that they can have sex anytime without the dolls demanding.

According to section 178 of the penal code, bringing sex toys in Botswana is an offence. It outlaws to ‘possess, lend, trade in, import and exhibit obscene objects or any object tending to corrupt motals in Botswana’ which includes sex dolls.