This Is Lovely And Educative.

When I came across this love story, I was over joyed for the couple, but my question here is, can the woman do the same to protect her husband when it is her husband’s turn to be protected.

When I got the story, I decided not to keep it to myself, but share it out because it worths reading and emulating.

Learning from this true story is important because so many relationships are broken due to issues from the in-laws  or family problems.

Who knows the kind of insult the woman would have received from her mother in-law and others. Who knows what the insult would have caused in her marriage later.


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The good story is:

Three months after their marriage, the couple invited the husband’s mother and two brothers for dinner. The woman cooked vegetable soup with a enough meat, fish and spices.

Immediately she served the food on the dinning table, her husband quickly prayed and tested the food first.

Then he told everyone to wait and told his wife: honey, can you please give me the salt. She said yes and gave him the salt, he added little salt to the meal.

When the family members started eating, they all shouted on their son and brother saying, you spoilt this poor woman’s food with your arrogance by adding more salt.

All the blames was on the husband while the wife received hug and praises.

The man did that because he realised after tasting the food that his wife has messed the food with too much salt by mistake.

Knowing his family too well that they will rubbish his wife when they taste the food, then he decided to take the rubbish and the blame.

When asked why he decide to take the blame, he said:

“It was my family that was invited for a dinner and I know they will be rude to my wife if they taste the food and realise too much salt.”

“That’s love, we cover ourselves, we protect ourselves and we nurse care for ourselves.