Today, a Woman called Ekemini Abia saved three thieves from lynching by angry mobs in Akwa Ibom. Her timely intervention and trying to save the thieve until policemen came to the seen was her plan to delay the angry mobs as waiting for the arrival of policemen.

Kemini narrated on her facebook page, how she saved a group of alleged thieves from getting killed by a bloodthirsty mob.

Ekemini Abia went further to say that the incident took place this morning in her neighborhood. The men had been made to remove their shirts and lie flat on their stomach while the objects they allegedly stole were placed on their backs.

The crowd was ready to carry out jungle justice, but for Ekemini’s timely intervention. SARS operatives later arrived at the scene and took the suspects away.

She wrote on her facebook:

So I managed to prevent jungle justice in my neighbourhood this morning.

It took a lot to prevent the lynching of fellow human beings(who are thieves by the way).
At a point, they started saying I am a relative of the thieves for not wanting them to carry out jungle justice.

I was able to prevent the lynching before the SARS came to pick them up.
Let’s grow beyond the need to take law into our hands no matter the situation!