The Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Odogbolu Local Government Command in Imodi Ijebu apprehended ritualistic with their victim already slaughtered.

The Vigilante Group of Nigeria carried Out the operation last night and handed the culprits over to the police.

It took the Vigilante Group of Nigeria only 2 hours to do the investigation and searching which came out successful as they apprehended the evil man that slaughtered his fellow human being like chicken.

It happened that the family of the victim reported to the Vigilante Group of Nigeria as at 5pm on 15th of may, that their son Mr Patrick Happy(victim) left the house since 6am that morning to fumigate the church environment and they have been expecting him, even went to the church to look for him but did not find him in anywhere around there.

After the victim’s family report, the Vigilante Group of Nigeria collected his picture and started their investigation, searched everywhere, asked questions but fortunately they were able to find out that one Patrick udoh (the culprit) living beside the church has slaughtered him and squeezed him inside a sack and was just waiting for the client that will come and pick the package up.

The Vigilante Group of Nigeria handed the culprit over to the police in Obalende division after giving him and his partner in crime the beaten of their lives.