Edwin Clark asked why should the Federal Government declare Igbo youths as terrorist, while the Fulanis moved freely with AK45 and they are not tagged terrorist.

The Ijaw esteemed leader, Chief Edwin Clark kicked against the injustices being meted on the Igbos, especially on the Youths. He said what only few Igbos leaders can say.

His words:
“I will plead with all you people, that these youths have been treated unfairly by the federal government.

Why should they be tagged rebels. It’s our duty to see that what we are doing today is of their benefit. When you are 70 and above you are going to your promise land. My flight have been delayed, and in this delay of my flight, I have a duty to fight injustice, oppression, and anything that makes Nigeria one sided.

You cannot come to my house, back of yard and take everything for the benefit of Nigeria, and you hand over very little to me and expect me to be grateful to you. Am I a second class citizen?

In 2005, we had a national conference in Abuja, and it was agreed that a state should be created for the Igbos. Why? Why should North-west have seven States? Even the South-south which is the youngest have six states. When you have five States, you have reduced number of Ministers, few number of local government, few number of federal funds, and you say those people should not cry. They have to. And what these children are doing today, is part of that injustice being done to you.

In 2014, we agreed at the National conference, that 18 states should be created for the minorities and for the Igbos. Four of these states will be for the Igbos, but we didn’t do anything about the reports of the National conference.

What am I saying? What you have done today, we all in the South-west, South-south, and the Middle belt, and other intelligent part of this country, who understands the problem of this country we support you.

Once again I want to congratulate all of you for a job well done. We need to come together, let us embrace our children. They are very angered people.

The Fulani herdsmen, who carry about Ak47 killing people, they have not been declared terrorists, why should your youths be declared terrorists people who are not fighting or killing anybody??
Some people are saying that they want an independent Scotland, have they been killed? I want the federal government to be fair with everybody, and that is Nigeria we belong to. Thank You and God Bless You.