They don’t live in reality anymore.
They live the dream of social networks.
Their worries are to show virtual friends that they live well out of reality they have nothing they are nothing.Besides, they give their bodies just to boys just because they’re followed on social networks or they post photos in chic places.

They put their bodies at the disposal of boys when they say that with him, she will have a good last generation phone to show her girlfriends, with him she will go to the chic places to post on the networks.
That’s all, without ambition, they live a pathetic life.

They like the guys who are being transported.
They prefer married men who use them for sex than single men who want to build a future with them.
They prefer men who have a car that will drop them where they want to and do not follow a pedestrian who talks to them about the future.

Their daily lives are looking for new suitor because without pretending they don’t eat, they’re lazy, they do nothing of their ten fingers, they count on their friends or suitors.

They live a heavenly life on social networks in reality they live a miserable life.
And good girls who don’t know, take them for models by next.

They dry the classes that parents pay to answer the invitations of a guy who’s going to sleep with her to throw her away and go back to her work.In One Word, they live in the pocket of people who use them as their sexual dolls instead of concentrating their futures.

They like car only for their lives.
They love life by the pool as their future.
They like luxury places as their studies.
They’re unconscious like a fish jumping on the hook.

At the end of their sexual vagrancy they have children without father and live with family.
If you have a sister, tell her to calm down, having fun is good but preparing her future is even better.