The homo sapien faced man Nana Kwakwu Bonsam visits Botswana to give politicians election powers and meet some pastors in Botswana who have been dying to meet him in person. Bonsam means the devil and the Kofi Kofi powered mogul continues to spread the world like wild veld fires.

The teracotted faced man with a trapezium shaped head says he will give more powers to the aspiring pastors who want to prophesy this December and make more money

“Those whom their background is poor like Sandy soil will receive the fertile muti to prosper and drive SUV cars.” The great Nana said this with a witchcraft smile surfacing his hyena moulded teeth.

The controversial Berry Heart who is now venturing in the religious industry which is now a selling business routine will be hosting the Nana Kwakwu guy.

An ocean of politicians with an onion belly make up were seen entering a private office near the bus rank registering to meet the affluent spiritualist who possess the brobdingnagian powers of success and prosperity

Numerous ladies in Gaborone mostly working in banks and other corporate institutions can’t wait to meet him and receive their marital package of muti and love portions.