Terra credit is a fast growing new coin that is not into ICO and fundraising but based on airdrop. They have made various avenues for the masses to benefit from the free giving away coins. Terra credit gave its users that registered in the 1st round 100,000 coins each, 2nd round 90,000 coins each, 3rd round 80,000 coins each, 4th round 50,000 coins each and now 5th round 40,000 coin each. Terra credit will continue the promo till the 12th round, then after that the transaction starts.

Terra credit is a crypto currency that have a plan to put smile on the faces of its users before the end of the promotion and because of their hardworking the Credit has already been listed for voting in Mercatox.com

Ogegist had an interaction/questions and answer section with the creator of Credit coin who is Dan Ronchese about what the credit is and what the Credit is meant for. Here are some questions and answers he gave
about Credit for more understanding of users

Ogegist: Sir please can you tell people/users what Credit is:

Dan Ronchese: Credit is the coin designed for mass adoption; we aim to achieve this goal through the largest coin giveaway in the history of Crypto currency. We have removed the technical and financial barriers related to block production in order to welcome millions of new users to the crypto space.

Ogegist: What is your intention for creating Credit?

Dan Ronchese: Our ultimate intention is to see Credit and its supporting ecosystem provides a range of solutions that will bring the worlds unbanked into the era of digital currency. Every aspect of Credit has been designed to achieve this goal.

Ogegist: How can you make credit become a global payment system?

Dan Ronchese: The only way a crypto currency can become a global payment system is if everyone who makes payments has access to it. We are focusing on achieving this goal by giving away our crypto currency to anyone who wants to use it. We are giving away 30 Billion coins to 10 million users between December 2019 to June 2019. Our grass roots approach of using Credit to solve the digital payments issue for the worlds unbanked will make Terra the front runner in a new $50 Trillions market and Terra has designed Credit (CREDIT) to offer free and fast blockchain based payments; Credit also has some really amazing inbuilt features: 

Ogegist: You said that Terra has designed Credit to offer free and fast blockchain based payment, please can you explain more about this for users:

Dan Ronchese: The Credit wallet is simple to use and does everything automatically, you just need a computer or laptop. All you need is to be connected to the internet with a balance of 10,000 coins, make sure your wallet is 100% synced and unlocked for staking minimum of eight hours and the rest happens automatically. The Credit wallet offers the simplest and most rewarding “Mining” solution we know of and has been designed with people in mind, the easiest way to get a balance is to participate in our global giveaway, get verified and withdraw your coins to start earning.

Our desktop wallet is the simplest way to earn a passive income; Credit employs Proof of Stake which allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and get rewarded with new income for doing so; this function replaces traditional mining which is expensive and complicated. The Credit desktop wallet automatically “Stakes” a user’s coin balance which allows them to become a block producer and earn rewards for maintaining the Credit blockchain. This creates a legitimate and passive income stream without the need for expensive equipment and technical knowledge.

Ogegist: You made mention of stake, please can you tell people or the users that don’t know what stake is, to know about it more

Dan Ronchese: Staking in Terra credit is the reward you receive for supporting the network by holding coins and running a node. If you have coins in a wallet that is a POS coin your supply of coins will grow as long as you are holding the coins.
Staking starts with storing your coins in your wallet. If your coins reached “maturity” (coin age=whatever days) you can start staking by opening your wallet and unlocking it for staking. Then your wallet starts competing with other wallets for signing the next block. After signing a block you will get a reward -depending on the given coin that used to be a few percent of your staked coins- and your coins age will be zeroed out. You must have minimum 10 k credit in your wallet to start staking

Ogegist: How will a user become block producer and start mining

The desktop wallet is the key to our goals, this is a passive earner. We want to give all users enough coins to become POS producers for Credit, its automatic you just leave the wallet online. The rewards are high to provide an income from crypto currency for many less fortunate people, Raspberry Pi computer only costs $35.00 and even you can use any PC or VPS server to have a wallet and earn. This is our main focus, the rest is reward for promotion to grow the brand and spread awareness of the project.

Ogegist: When will Credit be listed in exchange?

Dan Ronchese: Soon Terra will be launching its Exchange voting campaign to get listed on exchanges. This will begin in plus minus 7 days from now, they have secured one position so far and are preparing all the information you need to participate in voting Credit into exchanges.

Ogegist: What do you have to tell users?

Terra is crypto currency, decentralized. As the community grows leaders will emerge and rank will assist in this process. It’s a typical ramification model which is proven successful in forums and social media. In time all interactions on terra-credit.com will be monetized and most actions will earn you Credit.

Ogegist: How safety is terra credit transaction?

Dan Ronchese: A truly decentralized payment platform would allow users to send and receive payments without the need for a trusted third party. However there are needs to be an intermediary to manage transactions and prevent double spending. Blockchain and its use of digital signatures (Encryption) is only part of the solution, the decentralization of network nodes is crucial to ensure long term safety of the network.

Ogegist: How much will one Credit be?

Dan Ronchese: Our target value after launch is 0.01$ but the market will determine the value, that is why it is very important for people/users to go to Mercatox.com to vote in Credit.

Ogegist: Can you please tell the users why the proof of stake is preferred to proof of work in Terra credit:

Dan Ronchese: A Blockchain ensures longest chain, is always followed and serves to prove as the consensus of the majority of nodes. In a Proof of Work environment this system is flawed because of its reliance on computational power. We propose Proof of Stake as a better alternative that does not decide the longest chain based on hash power, instead wallet balance and coin maturity are used to determine the next producer. Unlike the majority of Proof of Stake Blockchains our producers are more numerous and further decentralized through our coin distribution program and the accessibility of our auto-staking desktop wallet.

Ogegist: What do you have to tell people now that the Credit has been listed for voting

Dan Ronchese: Let as many people that registered with Terra Credit go to Mercatox.com to vote in Credit to the greater height for a better future.
Make sure you get everyone you invited to join Terra telegram and social media to avoid missing these types of messages, Terra have a solid plan to bring liquidity to Credit holders and it’s about to start rolling out.