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CREDIT is a Cryptocurrency and a decentralized digital payment solution for the world’s unbanked adult population. We see CREDIT as a viable replacement to cash and a rewarding option that is attractive to new users.


Terra Foundation has designed CREDIT, a decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, to offer free and fast blockchain-based payments. CREDIT facilitates online and physical payments across different devices and is designed to be simple and relevant to anyone with a basic computer or smartphone.

At its core, CREDIT employs Proof of Stake (PoS) which allows any user to become a block producer. Several thousand CREDIT miners are already earning an income from supporting the CREDIT blockchain.

CREDIT is the answer to making cryptocurrency much more accessible and flexible for all.


We are on a mission to secure the future of cryptocurrency as a whole and introduce cryptocurrency into the lives of as many new users as possible. 


The Terra Foundation’s ultimate vision is to see CREDIT become a leading cryptocurrency in the crypto economy. One that is functional, developed, widely used, driven by its users and adapting to their needs. 

A concept close to mind when creating CREDIT was Adoption. Adoption not only of CREDIT but all cryptocurrencies is important to ensure the advancement of financial systems towards decentralized blockchains.