Lockdown making it hard to earn ? Read carefully because this is easy…

Earn PoS Staking Rewards During Volatile Markets With CREDIT
South Africa-based blockchain project Terrabit provides an opportunity for users to earn an investment income in the current volatile market condition.


The cryptocurrency market has become very volatile since the novel coronavirus spread was officially declared a global pandemic. The bitcoin price, for example, took a significant dip on March 12 but recovered to the $6000 range. However, the price has failed to get past the $7000 price point despite getting close on several occasions. Such a volatile market makes it difficult for users who depend on cryptocurrency earnings for income.

Terrabit provides an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem that includes an exchange, utility token with a hybrid POS/POS blockchain, and digital payment solution. The exciting passive income opportunity in the Terrabit ecosystem is the web staking platform for the utility token, CREDIT.

Holders of the CREDIT token holders can stake their holdings to tokens online to earn up to 100% staking reward per annum via Terrabit simple-and-easy-to-use web staking platform.

The web staking option allows every user with an internet connection to earn rewards. This lowers the entry barrier considerably compared to mining. Cryptocurrency mining requires expensive hardware, electricity, and a constant internet connection, while web staking requires you to have only an internet connection to get started.

Also, web staking is more suitable for emerging markets where a higher entry barrier makes it difficult for further cryptocurrency adoption.

CREDIT web staking features include:
Web-based CREDIT staking up to 100% per year
Profit is paid hourly
No lock-in period
Beyond staking, Terrabit also offers users other opportunities to earn rewards. Referring new users to the Terrabit exchange is also lucrative. You receive 100% of trading fees from all users you send to the platform.

Other projects by Terrabit include Terra Hub – a social media platform with monetised actions paid in CREDIT, Terra Mart – a zero fee shopping marketplace, and Terra Dax – an all-in-one trading platform that connects to other exchanges.

Considering the current volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, Terrabit’s web staking platform is worth checking out: www.terra-bit.io

For the Unbanked and Poor

CREDIT is a cryptocurrency that is specifically designed towards people who cannot enter the mainstream banking system due to different barriers. Cut off from the financial systems and markets, these people have no other option. CREDIT changes all of this. A hybrid crypto with easy to use, hold and stake tokens through smartphones, it allows everyone to take part in the crypto economy.

Terra founder and creator of CREDIT, Dan Ronchese talks about his belief,

“The only way a cryptocurrency can become a global payment system is if everyone who makes payments has access to it”

Taking Africa and the world by storm
With the unbanked populations with access to smartphones reaching 2,000,000,000 in number- yet still not having access to a bank account, an immense financial potential of humanity is locked away. CREDIT aims to change that and also bring prosperity to them.

CREDIT, with its PoS, has extremely low power requirements and a vast array of supporting systems, can be used on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and even Raspberry based devices. A real-world solution to an important problem, the CREDIT is being adopted at an unprecedented rate in the emerging markets of Africa.

For more information on the unbanked-friendly African cryptocurrency, visit their website here.

You can buy CREDIT with cash, bank transfer or even use your card.
Terrabit has partnered with Paystack to offer global USD card payments, which compliments the already live NGN, ZAR and COP fiat wallets that already serve this global community